Rose Hydrating Foot Treatment

Time: 30 min  $70

Soften and smooth out of condition dry feet.

A carefully selected combination of restorative oils deeply nourishes rough, dry feet to leave them feeling soft, smooth and comfortable. Rose supports cellular renewal and evening primrose oil helps soften dry cracked skin. Feet and lower legs are gently body brushed before soaking. A scrub of ground olive pits exfoliates dead skin cells and prepares the skin for the treat to follow. Heels are softened with rich natural oils. A hydrating rose gel is applied and the feet are wrapped to allow deep penetration of the oils. Layers of oils and creams are then massaged into the skin to deeply nourish.

Lower legs and feet feel soft, smoothed and refreshed

YDS Deluxe Foot Treatment

Time: 1 hour $130 | Gel polish extra $15

Enjoy this foot treatment that will soften and smooth your skin, relax your mind and body whilst indulging in a reflexology foot massage, followed by a full pedicure to leave you feeling absolutely amazing.

Let your feet feel softened from the moment you start your foot ritual journey.
A scrub of ground olive pits exfoliates dead skin cells to prepare skin for a rich application of Vitamin E oil, sweet almond oil and calendula mask to smooth and condition.
Enjoy a full pedicure including cut, file, buff & cuticle work.
A relaxation foot massage to ease any aches and rebalance the body using reflexology techniques. Finishing with a laying of hydrating and softening oils & cream to deeply nourish the skin; and a paint colour of your choice.

Pure bliss!!!


Intensely Nourishing Foot Treatment

Time 30 min $70

Transform tired, neglected feet with this soothing and rejuvenating treatment.

Your treatment begins with gentle body brushing to feet and lower legs to wake up your skin before being immersed in warm aromatic water, infused with moisturising and sensual essential oils of geranium, sandalwood and patchouli. An invigorating salt and coffee exfoliation smoothes and sloughs off dead cells to prepare skin for a rich application of vitamin E oil and a sweet almond oil and calendula mask to soothe and condition. Special attention is given to cuticles, sore and cracked heels. Skin is then treated to enriching layers of exotic serum, oil and moisturising butter to hydrate, nourish and protect. Skin is left looking and feeling extremely supple, smooth and refreshed.

Feet and lower legs feel silky soft and deeply moisturised.

Express Pedicure

Price $65 40 mins | Gel Polish Extra $15 | Gel Removal $20

Enjoy this relaxation and pampering experience in getting your toe nails pedicured.This treatment includes all nail work, cuticle work, buffing and your choice of paint colour.


Relieve your tired aching feet with our luxurious foot rituals. Make your appointment today by calling (03) 9844 0256